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MMI International is a brand name in Marine & Offshore Industry for manufacturing and fabrication of various industry related equipments such as Boilers, Heat exchangers, Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, cooling systems, economizer stacks. Our main factory is established in India and China with our sales and marketing offices in Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, China, India, Dubai, Turkey and Gibraltar.

We believe in optimum work ethics and that is probably the foremost reason behind our achievement in the equipment sector. With continuous innovative techniques and excellent follow-through in collaboration in manufacturing, We have maintained a good foresight on potentials building our strong market position in several years.

We are a fully certified and audited ISO accredited company with strict quality control in our products, workforce and expansion projects.

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Heat Exchangers

Our organization can manufacture all types of heat exchangers as per customers’ requirements and specifications. We execute orders in various materials including Alloy Steels, stainless steel and also possess expertise.

We manufacture all types of silos/hoppers of different geometrical shapes made from Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and any other special material based on customers’ requirement as per ASME Sec VIII standards.

Our expert team is involved in manufacturing an extensive range of columns using materials like Alloys Steels, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, also Monel, Cupronickel etc. with packing and reflux demister pads etc are provided.

We are also manufacturer of condensers sized up to 12 metres long and 6 metre (dismetre) wide; weighing up to 40 tons with best matrerial and supply sevices.We also provides, storage tanks including stainless steel tanks.
Marine Air conditioning and Refrigeration system

  1. Conversion of ship air conditioning/refrigeration system from R22 to environment friendly Gas ( R4040A/R407C/R134A)
  2. Supply of all make of Brand new /reconditioned refrigeration compressors
  3. Supply of marine air compressor and spare parts
  4. Trouble shooting works of cold room accommodation air conditioning system
  5. Design and construction of Evaporator coil and condenser fabrication
  6. Supply and installation of all kinds of marine grade split air conditioning system.
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