About us

MMI International is a brand name in Marine & Offshore Industry for manufacturing and fabrication of various industry related equipments such as Boilers, Heat exchangers, Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, cooling systems, economizer stacks. Our main factory is established in India and China with our sales and marketing offices in Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, China, India, Dubai, Turkey and Gibraltar.

We believe in optimum work ethics and that is probably the foremost reason behind our achievement in the equipment sector. With continuous innovative techniques and excellent follow-through in collaboration in manufacturing, We have maintained a good foresight on potentials building our strong market position in several years.

We are a fully certified and audited ISO accredited company with strict quality control in our products, workforce and expansion projects.

Our Mission

  • High Quality
  • Shortest delivery time
  • Competitive price

Our Vission

We have achieved innovative techniques and total quality assurance in marine field. We are fastest growing company managed by group of expert chief engineers, master mariners and professionals to provide our clients very high quality customer satisfaction. With our crave for success along with customer satisfaction, we have received order from major parts of the world.

We are striving forward to cover major portion of the globe. We have consistent good record of completing our commitments within set time frame by our esteemed customers which shows our commitment and extra effort on all fronts.